Meet Wichita Coupons

That's me, Jenna.  I am the mother of three wonderful kids, a boy and two girl and I am a wife to my amazing husband; Anthony.

My frugal journey started when my husband was laid off.  I realized we needed to stretch our money as far as possible and began by saving a few dollars each time I went to the grocery store.  I was then opened up to the world of coupon blogs.  I had never realized how many coupons were out there and that they had coupons for items other than food.  I quickly learned as much as possible and began saving more and more each time I went shopping.

I would tell my friends and family about my savings and would even send pictures of the great deals I would find.  I started getting emails from friends asking where I found the coupons and sales, so I decided to start this blog, so that my friends and family and others could see where to find the same deals I was getting. 

So on August 28, 2009 Wichita Coupons was born.  This site is for all of the deal seeking, coupon matching, sale searching men and women out there.

Please join me on this amazing journey as we learn to live more frugally day by day.