Old Navy: $1 Cozy Socks This Saturday

This Saturday, December 19th, all Old Navy stores will be offering $1 Cozy Socks (limit 5)! What a great stocking stuffer!



  1. This is very tempting as my toes are currently freezing but I have to say that I will never again shop at Old Navy after the $1 flip flop sale this summer. Of course it was a mad house (I went to the Old Navy in Town East, Wichita) but no big deal, I expected that. I know that there was a 5 per person limit. So my daughters each picked 3 pairs and I picked 3 and we all went up with our money and the cashier and her supervisor said, and I quote, "they don't count as people" because they were under 15 or something. If my children don't count as people then my money can go to a store where they do count. Even if that means paying full price. Sorry Old Navy, you lost out.

  2. I had a bad experience at QT today... Using the coupon for the free sandwich. The manager told me that I was fraudulently printing off the coupons. He said I have seen you here many times this week. IT is only one per month and these coupons were ment for Atlanta residents. He was nasty and I will never go in to that QT again. I always purchased something else besides the sandwich. So he lost my business.

  3. Erin,
    that is horrible! How do your kids not count as people?

    I don't blame you for not going back to that QT. You are not doing anything fraudulent, nowhere on the coupon does it state that it is for Atlanta residents only. In fact you could tell him there is a site that he can go to to verify the coupon is good.

    I'm so sorry you two had such bad experiences.


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